At Seattle's Starbucks Reserve

I'm Chinese by birth, Canadian by culture, and American according to my income tax. I'm a Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo in Canada, with a minor in combinatorics & optimization (long-name-for-math). Currently, I'm a product management intern at the Excel team at Microsoft. In a few months, I'll be off to Amsterdam to begin an study term abroad! I love being a mixed bag of cultures, and can't wait to add more to the bag!

If there's one thing my life revolves around, it's food. It's a constant cycle of seeking new cuisines, trying new flavours, replicating them in my test kitchen, and repeat. Arduously, I like to keep a meticulous catalogue of my food adventures, complete with the foodie shot and scribbles. For reference, of course!

Possibly the best brunch ever at Montreal's Old Port

Beautiful view atop Rattlesnake Trail

Any exercise in my life must be accompanied by some incentive (other than "feeling great"). Thankfullly, that's not hard to find in Seattle. I've been loving getting into hikes and runs in my area. Ambitiously, I'm even aiming for completing a race this summer. I'll keep you posted...

Fashion is awesome. It's not only my creative and artistic outlet, but my exterior personality. I describe my ideal style as elegant, simple, and classy - and I'm still working on it. My favorite challenge? Achieving the look with a fraction of the (broke student) budget.

A gorgeous corner in Old Montreal I stumbled into

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